JCS Japanese Language School


Intensive Course

The course duration for each level is 5 1/2 months.(Course schedule: Jan-Jun / Jun-Nov).
The Intensive Course is conducted twice a year.

Course duration

5 1/2 months

Course levels

Level Course Duration Course Schedule
Elementary 5 1/2 months

Jan to Jun

Jun to Nov

Intermediate 5 1/2 months

Jan to Jun

Jun to Nov

New classes commence from the month of January and June.

Course schedule

5 hours per week (@twice a week x 2.5hr)

Weekday Class Day Time-Slot

(twice a week)

2 weekdays

1900 to 2140 hrs

1 weekday & 1 weekend


1900 to 2140 hrs 


1330 to 1610 hrs /

1620 to 1900 hrs 

 Enquiries & Enrolment

 In December & May each year.